Shocking New York Times Article on Obesity ” Fixing a World That Fosters Fat”

Some great excerpts of Weightloss Reduction Strategies

Weight loss Programs From IBM

“WHY are Americans getting fatter and fatter? The simple explanation is that we eat too much junk food and spend too much time in front of screens — be they television, phone or computer — to burn off all those empty calories….”

“I.B.M. has been promoting wellness for employees since the 1980s. But in 2008, it began offering a new program, the Children’s Health Rebate, to encourage employees to increase their at-home family dinners, their servings of fruits and vegetables, and their physical activities, as well as to reduce their children’s television and computer time.

Weightloss Legislation  from Britain

Britain now places restrictions on advertising fatty, sugary and salty foods during children’s shows, for example. And by 2011, cooking classes will be mandatory for all 11- to 14-year-old students in the nation. The hope is to teach a generation of children who grew up on prepared foods how to cook healthy meals, and perhaps to make eating at home — instead of at the local fried fish-and-chips shop — the default option.”

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Day 14 – Bodies react differently to these fat burning strategies

The Isagenix weight loss supplement is not working as planned. My wife called our regional sponsor. I really don’t know the correct term for this multi level marketing person, but it was our sponsor’s superior. My wife did not understand why  she is sticking to the Isagenix weight loss supplement program and only losing inches and very little pounds, about 15 inches and 2.5 pounds , respectively. This person was very knowledgeable about nutrition, but compared to us, anyone is very knowledgeable. We were told that it’s because different bodies react differently to these fat burning strategies , and also due to  a slow down in our bodily removal of waste.  We also learned that we were not properly instructed in the application or taking of some of the snacks.Or perhaps we didn’t listen.  For instance, we were told that the isa delights(dark chocolates) should be taken on a empty stomach, not after a meal. My wife had several questions, all of which were responded in a positive and professional manner.

To me the person sounded like a one of those infomercial pastors who are have charisma and make you feel good no matter the situation.

Bottom line we plan to continue. I thoght my wife was ready to rebuke the program

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Day – 13 Not Really Unlucky 13

Healthy foodAfter 12 days  on the isagenix weight loss reduction program , we had  a bad result  that occurred the other day. We are feeling a lot better. My aunt(age 87) and cousin(age 51) were  in town from LA and they visited us. Its was great to see them. As we invited them for dinner, they were kind enough to bring over a New York Strawberry cheese cake.  We thanked them and graciously put it away in the refrigerator. We explained to them our commitment to the isagenix weight loss reduction program. Later that night we gave away the cake to  our close friends . We are back on the isagenix weight loss reduction program and committed.

So it wasn’t so unlucky,today. I got to see my family from L.A.

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Day 12 – A Horrible Day

Today is the day after the cleanse which includes the usual Isagenix weight loss reduction supplements. Our second cleanse. We chose not to have a two day consecutive cleanse. Notwithstanding, I  followed the weight loss reduction program and supplemented the program with four 50 calories Isa Delights. The Isa Delights are small delicious dark two inch  chocolate squares.

About 10.30 am , I began to feel constipated. I will not describe anything about the experience. However, I will say that it was one of  thee worst experiences of  my life.

Proper nutrition that includes weight loss supplements are necessary to correct the sins of the past. I immediately consumed prune juice and other over the counter meds and it wasn’t until 7 pm that the situation stabilized. During the day I had thoughts and visions of going off the program for obvious reasons. It was interesting to note, that my wife did not take the occasion to bad mouth the fat burning program  or  move to discontinue the program. She  hung in and was very supportive.

Now that its 8pm, my only regrets is that we canceled a dinner with another couple at Joe’s Fish House. No big deal we went to Joe’s earlier in the week and we had salads and a turkey burger(under 500 calories) . We missed the Jazz at Joes, but we will go next week.

My Isagenix life goes on………….

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Day 11 – Cleanse #2

Not a very exciting day, in fact the cleanse didn’t taste as good as it did last week. Another tough day, but I was able to manage my self during the day.

My wife had a couple of Isagenix break downs, she was craving food and couldn’t take the routine of the cleanse and the related  Isagenix weight loss supplements. I reminded her that we are half way through the day and we should take each day as it comes. She digressed  from the fat burning diet and had about 200 extra calories and no big deal. She said if she doesn’t loose at least 2 pounds  and 5 inches she is off the fat burning program by the next weight in. The next weigh in is scheduled for Monday.

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Day 10 – How does the Body Burn Fat ?

In my last post, I discussed that on average, and by doing the math,  an Isagenix user who consistently uses the Isagenix weight loss supplement  should loose 2-3 pounds each week.  Yet, I lost 7 pounds in 4 days..

Questions about the Isagenix weight loss prgramWhy ? – I asked my trainer and he said the the fat burning nutrients accelerate the fat burning process in the human body and each person is unique. Also, on the cleanse days we are helping our liver rid itself of toxins and improve its fat burning efficiency. Further, the huge amounts of water consumed serves to facilitate the kidney’s efficiency.

As the Isagenix website indicates that herbs, vitamins and minerals that aid cleansing do accelerate the removal of impurities from the body and  nourish the body with vital nutrients to rapidly revive health.A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger, resists illness better, is more efficient and performs at a higher level than one that is filled with impurities.

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Day 9 – The weight loss reduction program makes sense

The Isagenix weight loss reduction program is  making sense. The hunger cravings  are getting smaller and smaller, so I am begining to say thank you to the Isagenix weight loss supplements. Each of us consumed about 1100 calories today. Later in the day, we did the math, and it seems that if your body burns 2,600 calories with no exercise and you take in 1000 calories then you are negative 1500 per day . So 7 x1500=10,500 fat burner calories for the week   or about five lbs(10,500/3200= 3.2 lbs a week (calories required to burn one pound)=  a week of fat can be lost. This computation does not consider the benefits from the weekly daily cleanse of a little less than 1 pound or excercise .

Having done the math, it does not make sense, because I lost 9 lbs in 5 days. My wife is a little below the expected 3.2 reduction last week, because she only lost 2 lbs.But she did not great on losing 11 inches in total

What this means? That fat loss supplements may very well stimulate the fat burning process, but each person is unique.

As an aside, our sponsor asked for a testimonial for their website, we told them that we would be happy to give them a testimonial, in 30 days,  after compeltion of the Isagenix weight loss program.

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Day 8 – No More Food Binges at Cocktail Events

Went to the trainer today and had a decent workout and had my usual weight loss supplements. Also, I did my favorite 2 1/2 mile walk with my dog in the 90 degree heat.

The most interesting observation, was that my wife and I went to a cocktail event loaded with wine,hors d’oeuvres, such as pigs in the blankets, meat,and other  incredible different types of fattening foods. After the meeting, deserts were served, loaded with cookies, cream puffs, cakes and fruit.

Questions about the Isagenix weight loss prgram Guess what ! We had no impetus or desire to have any of the fattening foods. I think this fat burning weight program is working.

Why – Because we planned our day to have the normal weight loss supplements. We had a 250 calorie lunch , bread and  2 slices of turkey, which gave us room to consume some sushi and cooked and raw veggies at the cocktail party.  About 1 1/2 hrs before the event, we had the weight loss supplemented Iso-shake which clearly  mitigated our hunger pains and related cravings. We are also having the allowable Iso snacks coupled with a planned meal every hour during the day . This simple fat burning  concept lessens the expected food cravings.

We also had no wine nor did we have any  desire to have alcoholic beverages.

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Day 7 – Lost 3 More lbs

Today was suppose to be the second day of our fat burning body cleanse. Our sponsor, the person who is helping us with Isagenix, advised us to go for a 2 day cleanse, whereas our trainer advised us to stop half way through the 2nd day. We opted for the latter. Meanwhile, I lost 3 lbs and 7 inches and my wife lost 2 lbs and 11 inches. I was concerned that she would not reactive positively to her results, which  I think were ausome. At first, she was disappointed, because she expected to loose more wight. She was educated by her trainer  and informed me  that female’s metabolism are slower than a male’s metabolism. He gave my wife the analogy of his mother who is in her mid 60’s, who lost 30 lbs over 15 weeks, or 2 lbs a week. Not bad. We were informed to have our fat burning cleanse this Friday, rather than Sunday.

At 11:30am we had our Isagenix weight loss supplement shake and I can’t believe to report how good it was. Not because I was starving, but it was factually delicious.My favorites weight loss supplement shakes  are the basic’s vanilla and chocolate and the strawberry blend.

After the 11:30 am  Isagenix shake, I took my dog for my usual 2.5 mile walk in the 90 plus degree heat.I made three calls and received one call and listened to the New York Times Frontline podcast.  So I had a productive walk I kept myself and my dog properly hydrated.

In retrospect, after our first day of taking the fat burning cleanse three times on Sunday, was not as bad or difficult as some of the whiners have led us to believe.

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Day 6 – My First Isagenix Cleanse

Today is the day of my wife and I’s  first fat burning Isagenix cleanse. We charted the times and weight loss supplements, snacks and cocktails to be taken today on our erasable white board on a wall next to the refrigerator.

Writing it down and using this monitoring step helped us ensure that we would not miss any of the scheduled  weight loss supplements, in particular the 25 chocolate calorie treats and not miss any of the required scheduled actions.  We also planned to go out of the house and do some light shopping, to divert our thoughts from this huge fat burning day and try to enjoy those weight loss supplements.

Our first cleanse at 9am  consisted of  a 4  oz  Isagenix cleanse. I had it neet. Not bad,it went down fast. My wife chose to dilute it and add water.

At 1:30 p.m., rather than having  to repeat the 4 oz fat burning Isagenix cleanse, my wife had a great idea to make a cocktail, which she learned from the web. The cocktail consisted of the  4 oz Isagenix cleanse plus 2 oz of the Isagenix Supreme. We used our cocktails shakers, which we use infrequently. We sat down and had the cocktails. Believe or not it was great. It had the smoothness and unique taste of Gatorade. It had a lemon/lime flavor.

We then went shopping, and thought spending some money would be a good substitute for eating. Shopping made the day interesting. While waiting for my wife outside of Chico’s , I was infront of a Mrs Fields cookie and a hot pretzel store. Interesting, I had no desire for those cookies or pretzels and  noticed all the over weight people walking by me eating those fattening cookies and other treats.

My wife continues to complain that she cannot last for the  2 consecutive day cleanse nor could she do this four more tines. I told her to take each day at a time, and not to have all these projected negative and useless thoughts.

Total calories consumed for  the day was a record low of 480. When we called our daughter at camp today, she said she going out for dinner with a friend, not having a shake. I hope she sticks to the fat burning weight loss program.

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