2014 midyear update

See the changesWe are still maintaining our weight loss. We have given back approximately 15-20 %  of our weight loss.  We feel good and still enjoy the Isagenix products.

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Most Popular Question

Isagenix works

Yes, I completed the program and lost 30 pounds. My wife also completed the program and lost some weight and a lot of inches. And yes, the fat does burn off and its a successful weight loss program.  As of today, July 14, 2012, we have maintained our weight loss and have incorporated the  program into our lifestyle. We have one bar or one shake each day and learned to live with moderation. Now, my daughter is trying the program and I hope she continues with it.

If you have any doubts, try this program it will change your life forever

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Jan 2012 update

I am about 184 pounds, within range of my goals. I would like to be at 180, but having a two daughters who are off the program and like to eat,makes compliance difficult when they visit me.  I love when they are around. My wife is doing great. We both have the Isagenix mantra in our DNA. I have a shake or bar every day for at lease 5-6 days a week. I still cheat a little, but within moderation. Anyone that has doubts should forget them and give this great program a fair and consistent chance.

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2011 Update


Its been a while since my last post. I finished the 30 day  program. I have kept my weight off, I am 182. I have one bar or shake a day. I try to keep my caloric intake to under 1800 calories a day. I also excercise 2-3 days a week for one hour. I stretch and walk 2-3 miles.

Any questions contact me.

If anybody wants to try a cyber cleanse, let me know



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Day 19 – Cleanse # 3 – We are Surviving the Cleanse

Not that bad, we anticipated the worst, and we stuck to the diet. I had 600 calories and my wife has 700 calories. We felt OK after this ordeal, and I was thrilled that my wife is joining me on this journey.

Our sponsor said that we can clebrate after the cleanse and have a cup of coffee and a slice of multi grain bread. By the way, we both enjoy and look forward to our normal breakfast of SB coffee(no plug for them) and  a slice or two of multi-grain toast.Our sponsor, is the person that signed us up. A sponsor can either be active or inactive. In the beginning a good sponsor will be active because they want to sign you up for auto-ship, which is good because it financially obligates you to make a commitment, because you agree to have the fat burning supplements and Isagenix treats shipped to you on a pre-determined basis.  If you are financially committed your will stick with the program. A good sponsor will also follow up. On the cleanse days we sometimes had to call the sponsor, because will be freaking out, with all types of negative thoughts. Plus we wanted to make sure that we were not hurting ourself. After the cleanse, you feel good, almost like completing a job, and you feel those endorpofins (phonetic spelling) working.

We are both very excited that we made it through the third cleanse.As I mentioned before, these cleanses are difficult. I was also happy,because my wife  didn’t whine that much.

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Coping with the Cleanse – Day 18

Today, and despite our success in the weight loss program,  my wife continues to  whine  about cleanse day. I totally understand, as I have had difficultly and sometimes I am at the verge of quiting only because of the cleanse. It starts out as not a big deal, but its the after affects, that  bother me, namely, the constipation. Getting past the whining, we had a mild work out and I had to get back to work to meet an upcoming deadline.

Cleans Tip – What I find, is that if the cleanse is not my sole activity, and I am busy with other things, usually work, then its not too much of a problem


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Day -16 Keep your Doctor Informed of your Isagenix Progress

Its important to have your doctor involved in your Isagenix weight loss program

Today my wife had a  discussion with her doctor, who didn’t know what toxins are being eliminated nor she did she have any belief in the entire notion of the cleanse.  We had learned that by cleansing you are giving  your  body the chance to rest, regenerate and assist in its natural ability to remove toxins and impurities. Sounds good and makes sense.

By not cleansing and doing business as usual,  you can damage your  body systems and create illness. Our Harvard trained doctor was still skeptical. We continued, but at least our doctor was able to monitor our progress and we had  an independent person to consult with. I am happy she did not tell us to get off the fat burning  program. I think she believed that it could not hurt us, and that was important to me. Its important to consult with your doctor before you undertake this weight loss program,no matter what your age.

Despite the rigors of this program and particularly the Isagenix cleanse,  we are both feeling fine and,  mentally we are not frustrated by the constraints of the weight loss program.

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Day 17 – Fat Burning Business as Usual

I am over little over  half way through this weight loss process and its fat burning business as usual. My wife is now accustomed to this life style change and she is less resistant to this change. I was so busy with other matters, I almost missed my 2nd shake and the importance of  nutrition.

Can you imagine, with a limited amount of food intake, I almost missed the shake. What is strange is that at times, my hunger is dissipating,despite the reduced food intake.

I enjoy these fat burning shakes, they taste good and satisfy the hunger sensation and most important they are nutritious and easy to make. Using the blender thats part of the Presidential package at first seemed like a waste of money, but on second thought, for the few bucks, its worth having dedicated  Isagenix equipment ready to go, its part of the commitment.



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Day 15-Another Day on the Fat Burning Program

Today I had a good work out -good and both my wife and I are still motivated. We are following the shakes and snacks and we are looking forward to our 7oo calorie dinner at Scotty’s a local pub/bar that specializes in seafood and is often the sight for Burn Notice.

For some reason our trainer is concerned, and we appreciate his warmth and TLC. He helps motivates us to endure this program and stick to the plan, to burn those fat calories and take those fat burning shakes and the weight loss supplements .

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Shocking New York Times Article on Obesity ” Fixing a World That Fosters Fat”


Some great excerpts of Weightloss Reduction Strategies

Weight loss Programs From IBM

“WHY are Americans getting fatter and fatter? The simple explanation is that we eat too much junk food and spend too much time in front of screens — be they television, phone or computer — to burn off all those empty calories….”

“I.B.M. has been promoting wellness for employees since the 1980s. But in 2008, it began offering a new program, the Children’s Health Rebate, to encourage employees to increase their at-home family dinners, their servings of fruits and vegetables, and their physical activities, as well as to reduce their children’s television and computer time.

Weightloss Legislation  from Britain

Britain now places restrictions on advertising fatty, sugary and salty foods during children’s shows, for example. And by 2011, cooking classes will be mandatory for all 11- to 14-year-old students in the nation. The hope is to teach a generation of children who grew up on prepared foods how to cook healthy meals, and perhaps to make eating at home — instead of at the local fried fish-and-chips shop — the default option.”

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